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05 Dec 2010

Freeze It: Storing Food Is Good

There was an article in the NY Times awhile ago about maximizing your freezer; apparently its good to freeze just about anything.  And  I thought it was just good for making cheap vodkas drinkable and preserving November snowballs. The first point of the article is the broad reminder to save

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03 May 2010

$1 Slices at 2 Bros Pizza

I love buying things for $1.  There is no change, no counting bills.  At the corner store it doesn’t matter if there is a line or the clerk is on the phone or making a sandwich,  I just make eye-contact, show the bag of chips and throw the bill on

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01 Mar 2010

For the Love of Carlo Rossi

Before Trader Joe’s 2 Buck Chuck, Carlo Rossi was THE budget wine, defined by an “everyman” ethos and a big jug with a ring.  The brand also had an unbelievable ad campaign, in which the man himself starred.  It’s kind of like the Winnebago man except there is no vulgarity

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10 Feb 2010

DIY Erotic Playthings for Valentines Day

Let me start by saying the idea that February 14th is THE day to express love and appreciation for that special person(s) in our life who lets us do things with their genitals is horseshit.  And don’t cite Chaucer.  The day has devolved so far. In the Belarusian version, Saint

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22 Jan 2015


A brand new collection of Broke-Ass Stuart's writing made up of some of his most famous pieces and new things never before published.

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap
15 Jan 2010

How to Make Your Own Kahlua

White Russians: A contributing factor to kahula’s popularity. Same goes for bathrobes. I know I’m a friggin’ pinche when I deny myself White Russians because of the price of kahlua. And god damnit, sometimes I don’t wanna drink my vodka neat, chased by a pickle, like a real white Russian.

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01 Dec 2009

FREE Bombay Sapphire 11-midnight @ Deity Tonight

Deity is a new-ish bar/lounge in a converted synagogue located on the asphalt swath of Atlantic Avenue that keeps apart the abutting worlds of Boerum Hill and Fulton Street Mall. There was some hubbub when it opened because Talib Kweli was supposed to spin there  regularly. Tonight is a regular

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