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FREE Appetizers at Muguboka

Muguboka has everything I look for in a […]

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Best Bakery in San Francisco: Schubert’s Bakery

A funny pattern has popped up in my life for the last couple of New Years. About a month into January, a lot of people I know

Happy Hour at Olive

If someone's going to coax me into traipsing through the streets of Little Saigon, sidestepping crack pies and used condoms, they better be taking

Happy Hour in SOMA at Maya

My coworker is obsessed with dropping in on Maya after work. Her words: "Yeah, it's full of douchers, but I can handle assholes

Bury Your Heart in Beans at Taqueria Cancún

Taqueria Cancún in the Mission gets name dropped pretty often on this site, but it's never had a full post dedicated to it,

Poon Can Fix Anything

When I was in New York a few weeks ago, I stopped by a Soho boutique called In God We Trust and made what I consider

Watch The Walking Dead

The fourth episode of The Walking Dead is airing this Sunday at 10pm on AMC, and if you're not watching it yet, you should

Specialty’s WarmCookie Radar

Being an adult means that I no longer come home from school, tired and books in tow, to a warm plate of cookies baked by

Happy Hours with Cookies and Milk

Booze-fueled happy hours are all fine and good, but what about the days you're feeling wholesome or when you have to apply for jobless benefits

Sushi Happy Hour at Sushi Delight

As a broke-ass, sushi isn't usually one of my dining out options. And while it's true that I probably won't be able to afford anything