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17 Jan 2013

Social Studies Goes On Tour!

Have you heard this yet? Always good to hear new music from a great San Francisco band, and a rare treat to see it accompanied by equally great animation (done by Murder Doll House). Social Studies has been described as having an “arch take on modernist pop.” I prefer lead

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19 Dec 2012

5 FREE Christmas Gifts For People We Can’t Afford Gifts For…

Lots of love but not so much cash. It happens. But I still have amazing people in my life I want to give gifts to. Maybe you have this issue as well. These are 5 gifts I’m giving to people who deserve something awesome this Christmas because not having cash

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06 Dec 2012

FREE Wisdom of Rain Reading and a Jim Carroll poem

Yeah. It’s been raining all week. I’m cold and wet too. But the truth is, I’m a brooding writer who loves rainy days and the fog and cold that comes with them. It makes time for semi-hibernations and writing days. Picture me with cold coffee, pensively staring out at the

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29 Nov 2012

FREE Photo Journey through San Francisco…

San Francisco is home. I wasn’t born here in the sense of being a baby crying and puking with no idea where I was (that was a few Friday nights ago…), and I wasn’t a kid here, wandering the streets like a playground with wide eyes, my bike and an

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15 Nov 2012

LitSlam: Badass Poetry from Underground

What happens when wikipedia gets crossed with Thunderdome? Lit Slam. And what happens when the resulting wiki-dome (thunder-pedia?) gives birth to a book? Something called Tandem. But let me back up a bit. Lit Slam is this fantastic idea that goes like this: Hold a poetry slam once a month.

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31 Oct 2012

FREE Halloween Reads

And so begins Halloween in Denver, by Richard Brautigan, one of my favorite holiday stories of all time. It’s not a scary story, unless you’re afraid of sex and candy, but it does take the mask off of a hidden of Halloween activities: what the people with the candy are

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26 Oct 2012

Kirk Von Hammett’s Day Of The Dead Bash and Book Release

Yes, the lead guitarist from Metallica is throwing a party in the Mission the day after Halloween. And it’s to celebrate his new book about his frighteningly large collection of monster-movie memorabilia! It’s called Too Much Horror Business. That means you can stop home on Thursday around noon, looking like

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