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17 Oct 2016

Neo-Nazi Anti-Immigrant Rally to Be Held in San Francisco Today

Word just came in from It’s Going Down that a Neo-Nazi Anti-Immigrant rally is going to be held today in San Francisco. For the vast majority of us  this is practically unfathomable in America’s most progressive city. But it appears that’s exactly why they are doing it. They are coming

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scavenger hunt
14 Oct 2016

Fun New Scavenger Hunt Game Helps Out SF’s Homeless Population

San Francisco Voters! We need your help. We’re only a few weeks away from election day and we’ve got some nasty, deceitful propositions on the ballot that have disguised themselves in extremely in misleading rhetoric . Have you heard of Proposition Q? You know, the Proposition that uses the tagline

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14 Oct 2016

Jokes for Votes: Free Comedy Show with Demetri Martin and Others

Funny or Die is teaming up with NextGen Climate to throw free comedy shows on college campuses around California and get people registered to vote. It’s called Jokes for Votes and it’s like Rock the Vote, but you know, funnier. And guess who they asked to host the one in San

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14 Oct 2016

Silicon Valley Fashion Week?! is the Weirdest Fashion Show on Earth

This post was made possible by the fine people at Silicon Valley Fashion Week?!. Interested in supporting a post on the site? Holler at Well it’s happening again. Quite assuredly the weirdest fashion show on earth, Silicon Valley Fashion Week?! is back for its second year. Is it real? Is

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13 Oct 2016

We Wanna Send You to Experimental Circus Show: Into the Mouth of the Wolf

We are giving away 5 pairs of tix for the Friday 10/21 show. Read about the show below and then enter to win tix below that. Can’t wait to find out if you win? Buy tix here. Circus Automatic retakes the Great Star Theater with ​Into the Mouth ​of the

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no on Q&R
12 Oct 2016

Housing, Not Heartache – No on Q Benefit Social Night

From the good folks at the Coalition on Homelessness: Housing Not Heartache Housing Not Harrassment Housing Not Q! On Friday, October 14th, we are gathering for a night of celebration and hope for those who are tired of San Francisco’s perpetual sidewalk shuffle that keeps homeless people homeless. This is

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12 Oct 2016

Tech Billionaire Ron Conway Getting “Every Tech Employer” to Send Workers His Voter Guide

Evil Tech Billionaire Ron Conway is once again trying to steal San Francisco. It’s like a comic book, except Bat Kid isn’t around to save us. Yesterday Joe Eskenazi tweeted this email from Ron Conway in which Conway tries to use his weight to get every tech employer to vote

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