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hombres and women
07 Nov 2016

We Wanna Send You a Bad Hombre or a Nasty Woman Shirt!

Enter to win one of these shirts below! The other day we put out the shirts above. The internet went crazy for them because they are so fucking magnificent. So then we put out these ones as well: And yeah, the internet went crazy for those too. So now we’ve

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04 Nov 2016

Come Cowork with Me at Covo. We can be Coworkers!

Want a free day to work at Covo to try it out? Just tell them “Broke-Ass Stuart sent me” at the front desk. This offer is good till December 31st, 2016.  I’ve been working from home for a long time. Too long really. Considering that my apartment doesn’t have a

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01 Nov 2016

Wiener Caught Stealing from Queer Artist to Spread Hypocritical Lie About Kim

Holy smokes! How low can Scott Wiener go? Last week he sent out a mailer that changed the words from an SF Bay Guardian article and completely used a quote out of context, making it seem like he has both tenant and progressive support. That was bad. I thought “Oh man, Scott

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31 Oct 2016

Club Waziema: Where Divisdero Still Feels Like The Western Addition

OFF MENU IS SPONSORED BY BENDER’S BECAUSE THEY ARE BADASS. DROP BY AND MAKE SOME BAD DECISIONS WITH SOME GOOD PEOPLE! This originally appeared in my The Weeknighter column in 7×7 on March 27, 2013. “People laughed at us and thought we were crazy when we told them we were going to open

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standing rock
31 Oct 2016

You Can Help Standing Rock by Supporting their Health Clinic

The Do No Harm Coalition, is a group of 300+ doctors, nurses, students, faculty, and staff at UCSF who are committed to ending racism and state-sanctioned violence. They made headlines recently when they came out in support of Colin Kaepernick. Right now they are raising $100k to help create a free

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28 Oct 2016

7 Pumpkin Spice Products that Just Shouldn’t Exist

Never before has there been a single flavor that is so completely associated with a very specific group of people: basic white girls…in Uggs…and yoga pants. Pumpkin Spice seems to so perfectly embody what it apparently means to be a basic white girl. Then again I have no real bearing on the situation because I feel like half of the people who throw the term around would qualify as basic white girls themselves.

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26 Oct 2016

How Exercising at Rogue & Saint Made My Life Way Better

This post was made possible by the fine people at Rogue & Saint. Wanna sponsor a post or advertise? Email I’ve never been much for exercise. Ok, that’s an understatement. I’ve pretty much always loathed it. That never really mattered too much when I was younger because I had

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