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25 Jul 2016

Solidarity to the Woman Who also had Her Car Crapped in – m4w

I was at Shalaco‘s house the other night and his roommate, Praveen, came in and hung out with us for awhile. Apparently back in 2009 Praveen put up this utterly amazing Craigslist Missed Connection and it went viral and made it to Best of Craigslist. And now he said I can share

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21 Jul 2016

Paradise by the Netflix Lights

This originally appeared in my zine Love Notes and Other Disasters. If you like this poem please grab a copy. Amy Winehouse breaking my heart moaning dead tunes that crackle from the speakers of your cell phone while we fuck on your bed in your living space in your ex

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21 Jul 2016

You Might Meet Your Soulmate at Bender’s Bar & Grill

Twenty years from now, when your kids are old enough to know better but young enough to not give a fuck, they’ll be searching for places like Bender’s. Places where the religion is loud rock and roll, the sacrament is stiff drinks, and the scripture is graffiti tagged on a bathroom stall.

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20 Jul 2016

Teach-In to Support Black Lives Matter

If you remember last week was the Emergency Meeting to Support Black Lives Matter. It was a fantastic success. A few hundred people showed up who were all willing to put in the work and have the hard conversations necessary to move forward towards racial equality. Today, Wednesday July 20th

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Republican strategist Karl Rove gestures while at a luncheon at the California Republican Party convention,  in Sacramento, Calif., Saturday, March 2, 2013.  Rove told California Republicans to "get off the mat", and to find candidates to reflect the party's diversity. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)
18 Jul 2016

11 Workshops You Can Take at the Republican National Convention

Well it’s finally upon us. The national gathering of Rich Old White Men. After feeding the hate machine for so long by convincing working class white people that Black/Muslim/Mexican/Gay/etc people are the real reason they aren’t millionaires, the Republican Party has managed to unleash a monster that can’t put back

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waiting in line
14 Jul 2016

No, They’re Not Waiting for the New iPhone, They’re Waiting for The Symphony

This post is supported by the SF Symphony. Wanna support a post on the site? Holler at The SF Symphony’s Single Ticket Day is the most magical day of the year, and it’s almost here! On Monday July 18, tickets for all concerts in the 2016-17 season go on sale!

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14 Jul 2016

Haight Street Resident Responds to KKK Letter With Her Own Flyers

If you remember the other day, a San Francisco woman found a recruitment letter from the Ku Klux Klan on her doorstep. It was some wild shit. Some people think it’s a hoax, but no one knows for sure at the moment. Anyways, yesterday Amanda, one of our readers, sent

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