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25 Jun 2015

How To Create A 50 X 120 ft Mural in San Francisco

It’s not paint by numbers exactly, it’s a step-by-step booklet, for you to get, your HUGE mural game on track. Step 1: Find a canvas ArtSpan, the organization behind SF Open Studios and the reason many good artists can still live in San Francisco, has scored a 9-month lease on 6,000

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25 Jun 2015

9 Best Places to Smoke Pot in San Francisco

The original post has been edited to remove certain venues that we love, over the concerns that it may get them in trouble…and we don’t want to cause no trouble…the revised list is still dope though – Team Broke-Ass There are few American cities where you can smoke pot as casually and without

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24 Jun 2015

Odd Tales, Tunes, and Times from an Odd Squad

Brooklyn’s own Americans UK have some serious ‘tudes and some serious tunes. The sci-fi rockers have created a whole new world…literally. Today marks the release of the groups’ graphic novel Odd Schnozz and the Odd Squad, from Oni Press. The EP soundtrack with be released in tandem. Writer of these twisted tales,

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24 Jun 2015

Where to Meet Lesbians in San Francisco

“A room full of queer people, and I feel like I’m fucking invisible.” I sat with my friend Michaela in the middle of a popular LGBTQ+ bar on a Friday night and noted the extent of our failure. Our goal had seemed so simple at the beginning of the night:

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24 Jun 2015

BAS Pride 2015: Win Tix to Hard French Pride Party + The 2015 Bi-BQ + Pride Night @ Comix Experience

Well queers, we are already mid-week of this year’s rainbow tour and about knee deep in plenty of gay-ass shit to do. If you are, by chance looking for something to do on the way to the Milk Club and 48 Hills joint happy hour (because you would never miss

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Travis Hayes and the Young Daze (Promo)
23 Jun 2015

Travis Hayes & The Young Daze

Travis Hayes has a heartfelt acoustic sound that stays with you.   If you want your girlfriend to miss you while she’s on vacation send her Love Songs, sung by Travis and Emily Whitehurst.  A vocal duo whose harmony sounds as natural together as it is brutal on the ol’ heart strings.

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22 Jun 2015

Win TIX to Sunday MASS feat. YACHT

  SUNDAY MASS PRIDE returns to Public Works [] on June 28th. Celebrate San Francisco Pride weekend with us, YACHT [], and 30+ other musicians, artists, and performers as we create an immersive nightlife experience. We will have 3 stages, a silent disco, wild costumes, lasers, 3D projection art, facepainting,

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