22 Nov 2016

Places To Go Thanksgiving Night

In any year, Thanksgiving with the family can be anxiety inducing, but considering most of us are still reeling from the election, sitting across the table from your racist,Trump-voting uncle is seeming particularly daunting. A lot of families also have this weird tradition of eating Thanksgiving dinner at an absurdly

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riptide 4
17 Nov 2016

The Riptide Rises

   August 18th, 2015, was a very bad day indeed. I awoke to the sound of blaring sirens in my Outer Sunset neighborhood, and naturally assumed they would Dopler-effect their way past and carry on to some distant emergency as they always do. Not this time. They parked themselves outside

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17 Nov 2016

This Cersei Lannister Parody is Absolutely Hilarious and Environmentally Conscious

This article is sponsored by the fine people at SodaStream. Interested in advertising with us? Holler at Recently SodaStream put out this great video that parodies Cersei Lannister’s literal walk of shame through the streets of King’s Landing. Beyond just being a funny and cute video (that even has curse

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15 Nov 2016

The Oakland Beer Passport is Here!

Step into a world of adventure with the Oakland Beer Passport. There’s no better way to explore Oakland than to literally drink it in. This passport is amazing, you get 22 beers at 22 bars for $30. It honestly doesn’t get much better than that. How does the Oakland Beer Passport work? I’m glad you asked.

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11 Nov 2016

Support Local Artists this Weekend: The Show Must Go On

My friend Ophelia Coeur De Noir, who is a burlesque dancer, and was probably more shell shocked than I was over this election, contacted me yesterday. She has a big show tonight at DNA and was hoping I could come out to support her. She said  “We are struggling right

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barback games
10 Nov 2016

The Fernet-Branca Barback Games 10th Anniversary Will Be Insane!

The Fernet-Branca Barback Games is having its 10 year anniversary! And it’s free, just RSVP here. There will be: Amazing Cocktails from SF’s Top Mixologists | Pop-Up Barbershop | Circus Performances | Exclusive Fernet-Branca Swag.And I’ll be in there crowd mixing it up with folks and live streaming it! This

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election night
08 Nov 2016

All The Election Night Parties In San Francisco

All the Places to Celebrate (or Commiserate) on Election Day in San Francisco. Follow the results, meet your favorite local candidate, and most importantly, have a drink.

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