18 May 2015

5 Cheap-Ass Fountain Pens

So much more than a graduation gift or banker’s front pocket accessory, the fountain pen is still the best way to write longhand. A fountain pen will tighten up your penmanship and loosen your grip, saving you from writer’s cramp.  Contrary to the marketing hype of a few high end

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14 May 2015

The 5 Best Bathrooms in SF to Poop for Free

Let’s talk about poop.  Freud compared it to sex, and I think he may be right.  Shitting is a form of ejaculation we were introduced to as infants.  Sex is expensive.  Pooping is FREE….well, if you know where to go.  Here are the best five bathrooms to shit for FREE

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13 May 2015

SF’s Independent Art Fairs (in pictures)

There’s something magical about a hotel that’s been taken over by artists.  Generally in hotels you walk past rooms in the night and wonder what strangers may be up to behind closed doors.  At stARTup Art Fair at the Hotel Del Sol, you got to walk into any room you

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thompson typewriter
11 May 2015

5 Reasons Using a Typewriter Makes You a Better Writer

I’m what you might call a born-again luddite. There was a time when I believed that I owed my writing life to modern technology. I learned to type on Windows 95 with Mario Teaches Typing, I used right-clicking as my thesaurus, and I penned my first short story on a

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07 May 2015

The Surreal Sideshow You’ve Never Heard Of…Lost Horizon Night Market

Lost Horizon Night Market “You’re not gonna wanna miss this…” I was given a phone number, passcode, and a stern warning: “invite your friends, but only send personal invitations… do not post this on social media, no Twitter/Facebook, no email lists.” Enigmatic directions led to a nondescript parking lot. Inside, what looked remarkably similar to an unremarkable fleet

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crazy housewife
30 Apr 2015

Your Baby Is Ugly (And Other Things I Blame On Hormones)

Everyone knows that pregnant ladies are flush with hormones.  Not everyone knows that those hormones still rage for months after delivery…….and they can make you a crazy person. For example: Thanks to hormones, I no longer hate The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory was on roughly 78 times

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24 Apr 2015

Shave like a man: a broke-ass man

When did shaving get so complicated? Three blades, four blades, five blades. Moisturizer strips. Batteries. Paying an arm and a leg. Our current troubles started in 1971 when Gillette introduced the Trac II — a razor with two blades — and began an arms race. The shaving behemoths became so

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