02 Oct 2015

Dave’s Bar to Close on December 31st

Somehow the news that Dave’s is closing escaped me till now. Here is something I wrote about it for the SFBG. It’s a shame that at the end of the piece I say ‘I’m worried about Dave’s closing soon’ and now it is.

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30 Sep 2015

A Week of Eating Organic Delivery w/ Ashley & Stuart

There are consequences to eating like a jackass. I’m a vegetarian with a serious sugar problem. Stuart’s a junkfoodatarian with a serious coca-cola and chicharones problem. Together we’re stress eaters with various levels of tummy troubles who help keep our favorite convenience stores in business

24 Sep 2015

Muslim Chinese Food & Affordable Booze at Chug Pub

Suddenly Iris starting hearing about a local bar serving Uyghur (Muslim Chinese) food – which even around here is pretty unusual. The fact that it’s in a bar is even more bizarre, because of course strict Muslims don’t drink

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I'm Running For Mayor of SF and I Need Your Help!

Over the past few years I’ve watched as San Francisco has been pulled out from under us and sold to the highest bidder. And I’m fed up and heartbroken. San Francisco is for everyone, not just the wealthy elite, and this is why I’ve decided to run for mayor....

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap
23 Sep 2015

Good Bar, With Good Art : Blackbird

Blackbird Bar’s current in-house curator is artist and illustrator Ariel Dunitz-Johnson. As an SF resident for the last 12 years, and previous curator for the Lexington Club for 6 years, Ariel loves promoting the arts.

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23 Sep 2015

The Nite Owl: The Grubstake

The San Bruno Owl winds its way through the mists South of Market as we head towards Van Ness. There aren’t many people on the northbound motor coach at this hour, with the exception of a few stragglers and a nattily dressed older woman who is harping on a teenager

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18 Sep 2015

The California Burrito Dispute and Why Arguing About Food is Dumb

Off Menu Screed: Two distinct camps: those who champion the Mission Burrito and them who wave the flag for the San Diego version

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17 Sep 2015

San Francisco BBQ: Carnivores Vs. Vegetarians

It was an epic stand-off. Vegetarians vs. Carnivors…corn husks vs. sausage links. Did #BBQDiplomacy prevail? Or did it all go up in flames? @KingsfordCharcoal

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