22 Dec 2009

Broke-Ass Financial Coaching: My Guide to Tipping

What about those situations when you are thinking, “Am I supposed to tip this person? If I do will I offend them? If I don’t will I offend them? If I do tip, how much should I give?” Then you ask your friend “dude, how much are you giving?” then you give more because your friend is a joker and you wanna tip right.

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15 Dec 2009

Broke Ass Financial Coaching: Your Financial Priorities

What do you value? What are your priorities? It is impossible to look at spending and savings to see if it is aligned with your priorities if you don’t know what your priorities are. In addition, if I told you how to spend and save your money based on my priorities or Joe Bob’s, then you may do it for a short time but in the long run it isn’t sustainable. You create sustainability when you identify your priorities and align your spending and savings with those priorities.

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08 Dec 2009

Broke Ass Financial Coaching: Dine Out or Cook at Home?

Our culture values time and money over health and wellness. Do you?

So we want to save money and spend less on “everything” including food. Unfortunately we assume that eating healthy foods is more time consuming and more expensive. In many cases it is. Several years ago I lived alone and traveled a lot. I was sure that I could save money by dining out because I wasted so many groceries. At that time I was eating a lot of fast food, maybe 5-7 times per week or more.

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01 Dec 2009

Broke Ass Financial Coaching: The Cheapest Haircut in the World

A week ago I woke up one day and said, “I NEED A HAIRCUT!” I thought about calling one of the last two people who cut my hair, and I thought, “I don’t want to spend the money,” “I am going to be traveling and pulling my hair back, why should I pay to get a nice haircut,” “They won’t be available this afternoon which is when I need the haircut,” etc.

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24 Nov 2009

Broke Ass Financial Coaching: Where is my money going?

Do you know where your money is going?

Before you start to think about creating a spending plan, debt payment plan, and/or savings plan it is critical to know where your money is currently going. It is hard to look at it sometimes, and most people are surprised to see how much they spend in certain areas.

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23 Nov 2009

To Wax or Not to Wax? Haven Spa, Soho

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17 Nov 2009

Broke Ass Financial Coaching: “Broke Back” No Insurance

“Coach Sizzle, I hurt my back and I don’t have health insurance, and I know you hurt your back too, what should I do? – S”

What causes lower back pain?

According to Louise Hay, author of You can heal your life, one cause of lower back pain is “financial insecurity.” Over 80% of Americans will deal with lower back pain at some point in our lives. Read more about the causes of lower back pain.

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