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08 Mar 2016

New Posters Lampoon Mission Real Estate Listings…Using Actual Realty Listing

  Open House Listing: Mission District SF – “Come for the ‘ethnic cafes’ and ‘hip night spots’! San Francisco has become nearly synonymous with the phrase ‘gentrification’ over the last decade, and no case is more exemplary than in the housing market.   Where the Mission District in SF used to

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29 Feb 2016

How The Blind Barber Became a Successful Bar & Barbershop

A few summers ago in the Hamptons, I met a young man with a great personality and an ability to make everyone have a good time. At the time, he was the general manager at Ella Lounge, a spunky little LES staple that is now (sadly) gone. Now co-owner of

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19 Feb 2016

Why We Should Get Rid of Court Ordered Debt for Low-Income People

Imagine you’re a single parent working as a mechanic and making regular installment payments to the SF court on a couple of traffic tickets you got a couple years ago for speeding and jaywalking. A few months into the payments, your child is diagnosed with a medical condition.

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19 Feb 2016

SFMTA Offering Refunds on $6.1 Million in Overcharges

The SFMTA has given notice of approximately $6.1 million in unclaimed funds for overpayment and duplicate payments received for parking and transit citations issued between January 1, 1995 and June 30, 2012.  The deadline to fill out a claim is March 3, 2016!  After that any unclaimed funds will become the property

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15 Feb 2016

Why Some Feminists Won’t Back Hillary

  “‘I can still be a feminist if I don’t vote for a woman’ sounds dumb,” said Stella, a 30-year old law student from Philadelphia. And yet from the moment the media realized that “Bernie Bros” had a whole bunch of lady counterparts, it’s a point that millennial females have

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15 Jan 2016

How to Do Tax Returns if You’re Self Employed and Broke

Guest post by John Gillingham, a San Francisco CPA specializing in small business taxes at Gillingham CPA and makes apps to teach accounting and taxes. Taxes suck. So you are driving around a pink mustached Lyft in order to follow your creative, but less profitable pursuits. Maybe you illegally rent

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13 Jan 2016

New SF Proposal Would Double Affordable Housing Requirements

Supervisors Jane Kim and Aaron Peskin introduced a charter amendment yesterday that that would more than double San Francisco’s affordable housing requirements for market rate projects from 12% to 25% in new construction. The city currently requires market-rate projects to provide 12% of their units below market rate.  But developers

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