stern grove
03 May 2016

Stern Grove Lineup Is Up!

San Francisco (CA) – It’s been a rough year for music, but thank Bowie that Stern Grove is our rock. Hooking us up with incredible, free shows, for the last 79 years.  It’s going to be just another year of FREE summer concerts with world class musicians in a BYB amphitheatre surrounded

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28 Apr 2016

The Sam Chase’s Great White Noise

Album Review By Shimmy Boyle Hold onto your butts!  Folk rock darlings The Sam Chase & The Untraditional have done it again. Their latest release, Great White Noise, is by turns a raucous barnstormer of an album, a gritty meditation rife with nostalgia, and a coldly burning manifesto of political

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prince cover
22 Apr 2016

Prince Themed Dance Parties & Screenings in SF & OAK

Here are some fun ways to celebrate an incredible artist.   Prince themed events in San Francisco & Oakland (if you didn’t get your fill last night) Prince Tribute Weekend @ the Church of 8 Wheels Apr. 22, 7pm – Apr. 24, 6pm Church Of 8 Wheels, SF Come to

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50% off New Glasses + Free Shipping!

We wrote about the 6 rad reasons why shopping for glasses on will change the way you buy glasses forever. You can read about that here. But here's the important part: YOU GET 50% OFF + free shipping on your first pair of frames. Click to find out more!

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap
21 Apr 2016

Artist, sex symbol and visionary, Prince, is dead at 57.

Let’s just get this out of the way: Fuck 2016. Prince, the man who single-handedly tore down and rebuilt entire genres of music and film, transcended his earthly form today to join Bowie in a duet so powerful that it could only take place in the far reaches of the

Jason Crase 1
21 Apr 2016

Reporting Live From 4/20-Fest…on 4/21 at like 10AM or Something

“What a magical day of splendor in the grass, glory in the flower, we will watch people do ‘dollar daps’, and celebrate stoner power.” reporting live from Hippie Hill at 4/20 Fest in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park on April 21st at 10 something in the morning. We inched along through a steady

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har mar
12 Apr 2016

This is your chance to see Har Mar Superstar perform live @ Bottom of the Hill!

  Sean Tillmann has been making records under the name “Har Mar Superstar” since 1999.  Under the Har Mar moniker, Sean has gone through a plethora of phases, ranging from fun-loving, beats-based music pioneer (he and Peaches shared stages early on) to angry arena crowd opener (a 2002 public lewdness

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11 Apr 2016

The Mutants play Bottom of the hill and we’ve got the hookup!

The Mutants are an important band in the history of San Francisco punk rock and new wave music. They are known for their theatrical performances which often include elaborate props, projections, and comical antics. They are credited with being one of the first “Art-punk” bands in San Francisco, and were

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