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Dear SF & LA: Shut Up And Hug It Out

Shhh. Stop whining. Let’s all eat burritos on […]

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Trannyshack flyer from 2010, redaction added

Etiquette for Using Slurs in a Post-Trannyshack World

Trannyshack flyer from 2010, redaction added

My everyday casual slur use was rocked with the recent name change of the drag club formerly known as


Rescue Row: The Officially Official Pet Rescue City Block in San Francisco

I grew up in a house with three indoor cats (two rescued ferals + one neighbor abandoned) and two outdoor ferals. Eventually we also rescued

b2b bear and cop

How To Win Bay To Breakers

During my first Bay to Breakers in San Francisco some 7 years ago, I was lucky enough to witness a scene that changed my life forever. I saw

no sex

It’s Hot Outside! Here are a Few Suggestions Before Getting Naked at Baker Beach!

Baker Beach, San Francisco CA

Now that spring is here and presumably more warm weather, you may find yourself going to Baker Beach in


Why Hot Days in San Francisco are the Absolute Worst

I originally published this on exactly a year ago and it's 100% true right now. Ugh... 

This gem is from Mission

Fomo fomo fomo

Neo Allenism or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Sign Out of Facebook

The Fear of Missing Out, a condition so nice they gave it a catchy nickname: FOMO.

So cute right?

Isn’t that cute? The


Win a Date with Broke-Ass Stuart!

So awhile back I was in a calendar of single Jewish guys called Mensch of the Month. I wanted the pic to be me

Eric Barry broken jaw

Dating Without A Voice: Eric Barry Dates With A Jaw Wired Shut (Part 1)

I try to purse my cracked lips open, sputtering through the mesh of teeth and wire. At first it's just saliva, but then the colors begin


Get an Inexpensive, Custom Suit at Indochino’s Traveling Tailor Pop-Up Shop

This post is sponsored by the fine folks at Indochino. Wanna sponsor a post or advertise on the site? Email me at

It’s mid-March and wedding