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12 Dec 2009

Unsilent Night, a Subway Tunnel Show, and Death Bear

UNSILENT NIGHT So tonight is the night for all you Christmas carolers who don’t really sing. Join Phil Kline’s annual Christmastime boombox parade from Washington Square Park to Tompkins Square Park! Each person carries a different musical part of the whole piece creating a 44-minute electronic Christmas Carol which has

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07 Dec 2009

Love Lessons With Lita Ford

In honor of me being kne/erd-deep in Chuck Klosterman’s Fargo Rock City, I’ve decided to delve further into the oeuvure of Lita Ford.  For those of you unfamiliar, Lita started out as the guitarist for The Runaways– a band most known for being fronted by Joan Jett (incidentally, a movie

Anna G - Caliburg Contributor 2
30 Nov 2009

The Case Against Troy Dyer from Reality Bites: Selling Out To Not Sell Out

We’ve all met this guy, perhaps several time in our lives, and in various forms.  His roots can possibly be traced as far back as Dylan McKay.   You know who I’m talking about– that semi-disheveled, cooler-than-thou, seemingly confident guy who’s maybe a musician, idolizes Cool Hand Luke, seems to always

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23 Nov 2009

You’ll Never Make A Monkey Out of Me!: Breakup Motivation Tips

To paraphrase Troy McClure in the Planet of the Apes Musical, in my dating life, I’ve definitely felt like every ape from Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Z–  uh, so to speak.  Specifically, there have been times where I’ve let a relationship go on for too long because of my ridiculous fear of

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16 Nov 2009

Things You Shouldn’t Say on A First Date

I’ve already written about what not to wear on a first date, what your dude’s & girl’s celebrity crushes say about them.  But what about things you should be well advised NOT to say? It can be a bit stressful to go on a first date and worry about the

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15 Nov 2009

Yoga for Everyone

Nowadays you can find a yoga scene in practically every urban center in America.  You have the hard-core fitness yoga classes, the yoga dipped in spirituality classes, the power yoga, the hot yoga, the celebrity yoga, the naked yoga, the go-every-day-at-7-am yoga, the yoga classes that feel like 5th grade

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09 Nov 2009

Dating Shit To Stop Worrying About Now

I feel like I’ve been having a very similar conversation with a lot of different friends, be they close girl friends who date around a lot, older guy friends who crave a steady relationship, or friends closer to my age with little to no dating/sexual experience.  A lot of these

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