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17 Nov 2016

MultiKulti Closing in the Mission

Tragedy on Valencia Street, just another victim of rising rent prices in San Francisco.  Mulitkulti, the store I have been getting my $6 dollar sunglasses and Burning Man accoutrement from for the last 10 years is closing. The owner Reda Darwish who is almost always found with a friendly, calm, smile behind the counter

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17 Nov 2016

This Cersei Lannister Parody is Absolutely Hilarious and Environmentally Conscious

This article is sponsored by the fine people at SodaStream. Interested in advertising with us? Holler at Recently SodaStream put out this great video that parodies Cersei Lannister’s literal walk of shame through the streets of King’s Landing. Beyond just being a funny and cute video (that even has curse

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14 Nov 2016

RageDonate Let’s You Directly Support the Marginalized Groups Trump Has Attacked

Are you angry and hurt that our country has elected Donald Trump? That we’ve allowed racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, and bad self tanner into the White House? Well now you can direct that anger and do good work with RageDonate. Over the weekend I got a press release for RageDonate,

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hombres and women
07 Nov 2016

We Wanna Send You a Bad Hombre or a Nasty Woman Shirt!

Enter to win one of these shirts below! The other day we put out the shirts above. The internet went crazy for them because they are so fucking magnificent. So then we put out these ones as well: And yeah, the internet went crazy for those too. So now we’ve

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26 Oct 2016

How Exercising at Rogue & Saint Made My Life Way Better

This post was made possible by the fine people at Rogue & Saint. Wanna sponsor a post or advertise? Email I’ve never been much for exercise. Ok, that’s an understatement. I’ve pretty much always loathed it. That never really mattered too much when I was younger because I had

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19 Oct 2016

Must See Treasure Island Fashion 2016

Not to miss out on any new style trends, Broke-ass Stuart’s fashion team was on site to document newest trends in festival wear.

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14 Oct 2016

Silicon Valley Fashion Week?! is the Weirdest Fashion Show on Earth

This post was made possible by the fine people at Silicon Valley Fashion Week?!. Interested in supporting a post on the site? Holler at Well it’s happening again. Quite assuredly the weirdest fashion show on earth, Silicon Valley Fashion Week?! is back for its second year. Is it real? Is

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