28 Sep 2015

Punch Line Assumes Mission Position For 1 Day Only

You heard right, San Francisco’s indelible Punch Line Comedy Club is opening it’s doors and receiving a load of degenerate albeit hilarious comics from The Mission Position on October 6th.  Helping to lead the charge is comedian Jessica Sele, along with Matt Lieb, Torio Van Grol and several other funny people.  Sele has the type of strange and comical mind

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27 Sep 2015

All Over Coffee By Paul Madonna

The Eviction Series
Chapter 5
“It’s so cold,” the blond, pear-shaped girl said. She was dressed in a black tank top and yoga pants stretched so tight I could see through to her panties—white, patterned with little red skulls.

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25 Sep 2015

30 Days Micro-Dosing with LSD

“Now I understand why all the flower children from the ’60s eventually sold out,  bought houses and watch Fox News.” That’s a snippet from my journal entry on day ten of my experiment. The experiment in question is micro dosing with LSD—that is, ingesting a tiny dose of lysergic acid diethylamide every

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I'm Running For Mayor of SF and I Need Your Help!

Over the past few years I’ve watched as San Francisco has been pulled out from under us and sold to the highest bidder. And I’m fed up and heartbroken. San Francisco is for everyone, not just the wealthy elite, and this is why I’ve decided to run for mayor....

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap
Beach Blanket 158
25 Sep 2015

San Francisco Satire Lives in North Beach…And Wears a Funny Hat

The last time I saw Beach Blanket Babylon was nearly 10 years ago. I had just moved back to the U.S and I was staying in an S.R.O motel above a strip club in North Beach. Each night I would fall asleep to the soothing melodies of Lil Jon & Ludacris coming up through the floor boards from bellow

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24 Sep 2015

How to ‘Hit’ All the Best Events at Folsom Street Fair

All this is thanks to Folsom Street Events…enjoy! Leather Week climaxes Sunday in our favorite day of the year, the Folsom Street Fair. The world’s largest leather event with the illustriously sordid 30-year history rears its clothing-optional head again Sunday, September 27 from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. in South of Market. If you’re

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22 Sep 2015

BREAK UP THERAPY: 15 Backhanded Love Songs

The best love songs are about mixed emotions because the best loves mix you up. Contrary to healthy relationship wisdom, the person we can never forget tends to be the one who has us pulling our hair out. People don’t write songs about emotionally available non-jealous types. Here are a few backhanded love songs for when your voodoo dolls and bop bags need a break.

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18 Sep 2015

Dear Mayor Ed Lee, I Challenge You to a Debate!

Dear Mayor Ed Lee – I challenge you to a debate. You and me pal, mustache y mustache. Yeah I can grow a mean one too, but I reserve those powers for special occasions and this might just be one of them. Actually I just wanted to get that joke

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