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16 Aug 2016

A Map of San Francisco’s Street Art & Murals By Neighborhood

Not only has SF Mural Arts digitally mapped out all the incredible murals in San Francisco, they have credited and cataloged them by both artist & location.  This is particularly great because when you come across a mural you dig, you can then find all that artist’s other work across the city and on your phone.

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16 Aug 2016

Bay of the Living Dead: A Shout Out For Scream Factory

Welcome to Bay of the Living Dead, a twice-a-month column about horror movies and TV, past, present and future. Scream Factory, Shout Factory’s wonderfully sublime horror label, brings four fondly remembered B chillers from the early 1970s to Blu-Ray. Murders in the Rue Morgue (1971) and The Dunwich Horror (1970), both from the drive-in mavens

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15 Aug 2016

What Mónica Puig’s Gold Medal Means to Puerto Ricans

Mónica Puig wins the gold for herself, she won the gold for la isla, she won the gold for mi gente. Unfortunately, with my people…it can never be just about you. Sorry, Mónica. I don’t give a fuck about sports. Which means I could give two shits about the Olympics. But, when

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11 Aug 2016

San Francisco DJ Sake One Faces Eviction

San Francisco native, Stefan Goldstone – better known as DJ Sake One – is facing eviction after 19 years of living in his apartment in the Mission District. Considered a local legend,  Sake One has been a major player in the Bay Area hip hop and music scene since the

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SF Deco Lounge Costume Karaoke
11 Aug 2016

A Scientific Study of Karaoke, Sober to Drunk

tips for maximizing fun while minimizing embarrassment and the worlds’s first psuedo-scientific karaoke study designed to help you imbibe the optimal amount of alcohol for your next karaoke adventure

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09 Aug 2016

Hollywood Elites, Broadway Stars, & World Class Writers @ the JCCSF this Fall

Hamilton’s very own Tony Award winning ‘breakneck rapper’ & all around incredible performer Daveed Diggs will be part of Arts & Ideas at the JCCSF. Also Hollywood legend Jeff Bridges is coming to play, and CNN’s W. Kamau Bell will arrive to broadcast his show live.  NPR’s bad-ass correspondent Nina Totenberg will be there (she

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Before all hell breaks loose in Grant Park - Lollapalooza 2016
09 Aug 2016

What You Missed at Lollapalooza 25 in Chicago

Wardrobe choice for Lollapalooza 2016: Basketball jerseys (most of Chicago players), crop tops and shorts that belong in a 2 Live Crew video and dressing like Jon Lajoie in the “Show Me Your Genitals” video.

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