Poppy’s Terminal: A Taste of Old School New York

  Poppy’s is a hidden classic.  It’s the […]

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How Many of Grand Central Station’s Secrets Do You Know?

When I was working on my NYC book, a cat named Wade dropped some info on me about some of the strange and unknown things in New


The Awesomeness Palace Fried Chicken in Greenpoint

*Just so you know, the Paul mentioned here is Paul T. Alkaly - Correspondent at Large.  He served as my Sacagawea while researching the NY book and


Eat Some Bull Penis at Kenka

Oh Kenka...Kenka...Kenka...Kenka. You are one of the weirdest fucking places I've ever eaten in my entire life and for that, I


Karaoke and Dudes with Weird Muppets at Winnie’s in Chinatown

Laura's post about karaoke spots in NYC totally inspired me to post this excerpt from my book.  Winnie's is Amazing!!


The Corner Bistro – Cheap Beer and Burgers

When I first discovered this place, I told Paul about how I found this amazing little gem of a dive bar in


East River Bar: Getting Williamsburg Properly Drunk


While the original use for this huge bar was a paint factory, the only things currently being produced here are


O’Connor’s: Park Slope’s Classic Dive Bar

The world needs O'Connor's more than O'Connor's needs the world.  I say this because O'Connor's lets us believe that there are still some


The Subway Inn – A Classic New York City Dive Bar

Neon beer signs and red lighting reflect off a black and white checkered floor, while people trade strange stories at little tables, each


The Holland Bar – A Classic New York City Dive Bar

The Holland Bar is a real dive bar where most people are regulars who aren't worried about how cool or attractive