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warrior sekdek
24 Nov 2015

This Could Be You

This Bay Area artist transforms models using clay, paint, fake blood, glitter, plants, wigs…and encourages you to be part of it too. Brice Frillici of SEKDEK, an artist you should know

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vice trailer cover
23 Nov 2015

Vice Makes ‘Teaser’ Trailer for Interview w/ Eagles of Death Metal on #ParisAttacks Tragedy

Vice is hyping their interview with a trailer, as if it were any other exclusive interview or even a documentary or movie. There is a short teaser clip followed by hundreds of negative comments

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charlie hebdo
17 Nov 2015

Cartoons from the Arab World, France, & The US React Differently to the Paris Attacks

The new Charlie Hebdo Cover and reactions from artists in Palestine, Paris, US and the broader Arab world on the #ParisAttacks

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stadium cover
17 Nov 2015

Why Moving The Warriors is Bad for The Team and San Francisco

There’s nothing Bay Area sports fans hate more than winning. That’s the only explanation for why we keep screwing around with our winners. First came the Niners, who won a gazillion championships playing at Candlestick and were on their way to another championship run under Jim Harbaugh. So what does the team do? Fire Harbaugh and move to hot and sweaty Santa Clara

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04 Nov 2015

Progressives Take The SF Board of Supervisors, Conway Keeps The Mayor

Airbnb Buys Prop F, Stuart, Amy & Francisco get a lot of votes, & Ed Lee limps to victory

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03 Nov 2015

Donald Trump’s San Francisco Voter Guide 2015

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump endorsements for San Francisco 2015 Election

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02 Nov 2015

Housing Activists Decorate Airbnb HQ With Protest Signs

Roughly 1PM today, Monday November 2nd, housing and homeless activist occupied Airbnb HQ in San Francisco.  Chanting things like “No more displacement in this city”and releasing messaged signs attached to balloons into the vaulted atrium.  Airbnb has been accused of worsening SF’s housing crisis and adding to it’s homeless population. Airbnb

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