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23 Jun 2016

How To Consume Edibles And Not Lose Your Mind

Tiny chocolates with micro-doses to Homer Simpson esque donuts, edibles have come a long way since first saw the Truffle Guy in Dolores Park

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23 Jun 2016

Dear Candace, What If Living Alone is Better Than Marriage?

Dear Candace, What if I love living alone so much that I may never want to get married or other such domestic partnership? Here’s the short answer: that’s cool, dude. Marriage, domestic partnership, sexy roommates, whatever you want to call it…it’s not actually essential to human happiness, no matter what

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22 Jun 2016

We wanna send you to see Atmosphere and Brother Ali! Tickets go on sale Friday!

Minneapolis is known for many things — pretty lakes, the Mall of America, lutefisk. But 17 years ago, hip-hop act Atmosphere transformed the city into something else entirely: a nexus from which underground rap spiraled-out to the masses. And thanks to the duo’s indefatigable touring habits, Top 20-charting albums, and

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50% off New Glasses + Free Shipping!

We wrote about the 6 rad reasons why shopping for glasses on will change the way you buy glasses forever. You can read about that here. But here's the important part: YOU GET 50% OFF + free shipping on your first pair of frames. Click to find out more!

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m ward
22 Jun 2016

We wanna send you to see M. Ward!

This is our first giveaway with the new UC Theater in Downtown Berkeley! And what better way to kick off our new crowning relationship than with a giveaway for M. Ward himself? M. Ward returns with a stunning new album, More Rain, for release on Merge Records on March 4, 2016.

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21 Jun 2016

We wanna send you to see Deerhoof!

  The version of Deerhoof you hear on The Magic is a most punch-drunk proposition. Everyone showed up in the mood to sing. Satomi, Greg, John and Ed dream up alchemies of punk, pop, glam, hair metal, doo-wop, hip hop, and R&B, late-night car rides, long days, attitude and spandex.

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21 Jun 2016

We wanna send you to H.O.M.E. by Star Finch for Campo Santo!

  H.O.M.E. is a new play from San Francisco-native Star Finch for Campo Santo. Taking place from Oakland to Mars, in search of Home. This new play is part of Campo Santo’s 20th year of creating and premiering new works. An AfroSurreal mix of sex workers, Tupac, and space travel, H.O.M.E.

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17 Jun 2016

Muni Finally Retiring Classic Transfers

I collect muni transfers. These elongated multicolored pieces of paper adorn the cork-boards on my walls, sit in piles on my writing desk and are just generally strewn about throughout my house; some date all the way back to 2004, the year I moved to SF. I’ve incorporated them into

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