07 Nov 2016

Taking a Time Machine to 1920’s San Francisco

On the edges of Chinatown and North Beach there’s a basement gin joint that takes a secret pass code to enter. Once past the fake door of the sham clock repair shop, you find yourself inside a gambling den and cabaret that’s been filled to the brim with bathtub hooch. Outside, Prohibition has cleaned the streets but you’re a member of the 1930s social elite — low on morals and high on strong cocktails.

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01 Sep 2016

Gene Wilder Honored With Willy Wonka Candy Portrait in SF

Yes, that is a handmade portrait of the late, great Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, lovingly crafted out of nothing but candy. Meet the Willy Wonka candy portrait that will forever preserve San Francisco’s special relationship with Gene Wilder, handcrafted by local artist Jason Mecier who has long delighted us

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26 Jul 2016

Art Night SF Returns!

Art Night SF is returning for its second series of events, beginning Friday, July 29, from 5 PM – 9 PM in San Francisco’s UN Plaza. You may remember Art Night from this article about inspiring art events, from inadvertently walking through it on your way to Civic Center Bart last

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31 May 2016

San Francisco Artist Talks Race, Police Violence & Protest

Today’s San Francisco: The absence of a middle class, the narrow perception of black people by new residents, the heightened police violence towards people of color, and the need for citizens to protest

Alex Mak - Managing Editor 3
18 May 2016

Political Art In San Francisco

Andres Guerrero and Matt Gonzalez invited artists to sound off on this year’s most-watched reality T.V. series: The 2016 Presidential Race. More than 80 artists contributed pieces to Welcome to the Left Coast — which opened Saturday at the Luggage Store. As a favor to you all I’m skipping over

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24 Mar 2016

This Week’s Events | San Francisco + New York

Rad Upcoming SF Events BAWDY STORYTELLING: TRUE STORIES OF SEXUAL ADVENTURE! THU. 3/24 | 8:00PM @ JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER OF SAN FRANCISCO The nation’s original sex and storytelling show featuring authors, poets, comedians and actors sharing personal stories of love, lust and self-acceptance. For adults, 18 and over. ADMISSION: $27 FLOTATION DEVICE (REC.

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25 Feb 2016

This Week’s Events | San Francisco + New York

Rad Upcoming SF Events GIN N JAZZ: KAMASI WASHINGTON IN CONVERSATION WITH DAVID KATZNELSON  THU. 2/25 | 3:30PM – 6:00PM @ SWEDISH AMERICAN HALL This interview would discuss the founding of the Young Jazz Giants, with focus on Billy Higgins, the recording of that record and the path from there to

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