09 Jan 2014

Reasons Why New York is Better than San Francisco

Not that long ago, I wrote a post for this very website which chronicled my experience as a sun-kissed, burrito-fed Californian living for three years in NYC.  Soft of heart and fake blonder of hair, I bemoaned New York’s frigid winters, sleazy one-upping “networkers,” and lack of publicly-placed recycling bins….

Carrie Laven - Pretty Penniless 5
20 Jun 2013

Broke-Ass Octophiles: Cheap and in Love with the ’80s

What exactly is the correlation between being broke and being obsessed with/nostalgic for/stuck in the ’80s? I know it’s not just me. Go to any hipster neighborhood (Williamsburg, etc.), try to picture everyone without their iPhones, and voila, you could very well be in 1984. Is it because hipsters are…

Rene Beight - Femme Frugale 0
16 Jun 2013

Win 2 Tickets to a Rad Performance Installation with FREE Beer and Chocolate

On Saturday, June 22nd, you will have the opportunity to party with experimental music duo C R O W N S at The Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn for A Canary Torsi’s latest participatory performance installation project, The People to Come. Sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery, this event will begin…

Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage 0
Sculptures from "Game of Cultures" by artists DARIO TIRONI and KOJI YOSHIDA
14 Jun 2013

Libraries, Galleries, and Hostels: The Broke-Ass Traveler’s Sanctuaries in Italy

Photo by Leigh Cuen Italy is not a cheap place to travel. Expensive culinary delights call out to pedestrians like sirens. Italy’s famous museums are costly and offer the crowded feeling of Disneyland or a zoo. Visitors are herded past masterpieces in lines, which often snake around corners and out…

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29 May 2013

SFMOMA FREE All Weekend!

I was recently in the Big Apple and luckily scored FREE passes to the MOMA while I was there.  It was really awesome – but I would like to think that our SFMOMA is even cooler because they are letting everyone in for FREE this weekend! Festivities include a celebratory…

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22 Jan 2015


A brand new collection of Broke-Ass Stuart's writing made up of some of his most famous pieces and new things never before published.

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap
09 May 2013

FREE: Compulsion Opening Reception at Mark Miller Gallery

Compulsive decisions are fun. Wouldn’t you agree? Artists Dina Brodsky and Maria Kreyn would. That’s why they have come together to present New Yorkers with a month-long exhibit exploring compulsiveness at the Mark Miller Gallery on Orchard Street from May 8th-June7th. Compulsion explores exquisite pieces from artists who “focus obsessively…

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15 Apr 2013

WAN-DER-LUST: New York City Art Exhibition

Wanderlust is an art exhibition celebrating the true essence of welcoming adventures and the encouragement of discovering new frontiers. On Tuesday, April 16th Wanderlust will be hosting their opening reception at 72 Wooster Street, where New Yorkers will have the chance to explore the artistic expressions of various underground artists…

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