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24 Mar 2017

Meet Cindy Shih: Artist You Should Know

The feeling of relief, camaraderie, jubilance, and hope in the air was palpable. I walked down Market St. in the freezing rain with some of my favorite people, danced in the window of Luggage Store Gallery, took turns swigging booze from a flask, and ended up in Chinatown.

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Powell St. Bart Station #ArtonBart
09 Mar 2017

The Honey Bear BART Bandit of San Francisco: ‘fnnch’

The “Artist You Should Know” series highlights local artists before they exhibit their work somewhere awesome, it’s our way of supporting the creative community and helping to keep San Francisco a strange and wonderful place. Meet fnnch, BART’s unofficial artist in residence… You may have seen fnnch’s work around town, he’s

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Luana and Josh (they were actually hiking, even though it looks like the backdrop from The Land Before Time). Credit to Jade Benjamin-Chung.
15 Nov 2016

An Artist You Should Know: Josh Wendler and Luana Coonen

Bay Area goldsmiths and jewelry designers out to make the planet a better place.

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in front
10 Oct 2016

Everyday Icons from San Francisco’s Streets

Anyone who’s been downtown San Francisco will understand this work instantly. Ryan Malley, an artist you should know

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21 Aug 2015

San Francisco’s Ant-Man

We at love the eccentric, the creative, the different…the people who spice up our city up and give it the character and diversity that people from all around the world have come to love.  Meet the local artist you probably already recognize, this ain’t some Marvel comic book character Ant-Man, this is the

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Tony_Jayms_Rain (1)
18 Aug 2015

Tony Glaser : Artist You Should Know

I met Tony at a SF house party where he was playing stand-up bass, while guests made up songs on the spot. Artists, singers, eccentrics, came and went from the makeshift living room stage to perform, laugh, and applaud. There was a revolving door of San Franciscans, waltzing to the beat of Tony’s bass.

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pee wee
07 Jul 2015

Wayne White : Artist You Should Know

The designer behind Pee Wee’s playhouse says, “my mission is to bring humor into fine art, I’m not talking about coy art-world funny I’m talking about real world Richard Pryor funny.”

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