The service industry: Where dick jokes never get old

Why the Service Industry is the Both the Best and Worst Place for Aspiring Artists to Work

The service industry: where dick jokes never get […]

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Best (and Cheapest) NYC Bars to Catch March Madness Games


Photo from   So it's only day two of the NCAA tournament and your bracket's already busted? Maybe you didn't even fill out a bracket at all

Prosthetic Leg

The Amazing and Ridiculous Things Drunk People Forget in Bars

Where on earth did he leave it?

I bartend a few nights a week. It's what I do to pay the bills since being a writer


National Lampoon’s Sandy Hurri-cation

The obvious topic is Sandy. There's no way around it. Everyone is gabbing about it. I've been glued to my computer for the past week for

This totally great postcard was taken from

A Scumbag’s Guide to Portland – The Final Chapter

This totally great postcard was taken from

Hi GUYS! It's been a second. Sorry about the delayed finale to this series, but I've

Yeah. With your dumb orange car. Photo from

A Scumbag’s Guide to Portland – Part 4

Yeah. With your dumb orange car. 

Hey cats and kittens, it's that time again! Happy belated Memorial Day. Hope you're still making out with a


A Scumbag’s Guide to Portland – Part 3

Picture shamelessly stolen from

Happy Monday my beautiful, sexy, hilarious, rip city scumbags! If you're one of the few PDeX's that is unfortunate


How to Meet People at Bars

Are you new in town? Or are you just tired of hanging out with the same old bunch of losers and are looking to meet some

The Zombie Hut and Why Everything’s More Fun with Fire

Desperate times call for desperate measures. We are solidly into April, ie spring, but my winter coat is still on and my skin is still an

Yelp Does Something Worthwhile, Gives You Cheap Booze

Allow me a second to pour on some haterade. Yelp provides a good basic service at its core, but it leads to abuses of power that