Boerum Hill


Win 2 Tickets to a Rad Performance Installation with FREE Beer and Chocolate

On Saturday, June 22nd, you will have the […]

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Win 2 FREE Tickets to the 4th Annual Vital Vox: A Vocal Festival at Roulette on October 29th/30th

I have some great news for one lucky broke-ass and his/her broke-ass friend—you could win a pair of FREE tickets to go see the 4th Annual


Let’s Get Pregnant With Comedy at Hank’s Saloon for FREE

The weekend before Valentine's Day is upon us. Some of you might actually be celebrating Valentine's Day this weekend, seeing as it lands on a Tuesday.

boat bar arts and crafts

Sunday Arts and Crafts at Boat Bar

So after visiting the Brooklyn Tabernacle for the choir, I’m feeling a little frisky. Where to go, where to go? Well, if you walk down Smith Street

I Would Die for the Sandwiches at Hanco’s

I love sandwiches to an embarrassing extent. They are compact and deeply satisfying; making a great one requires an understanding of the delicate nature of balance

FREE Youtube Wars at Littlefield

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="360" caption="You wish you were this cute when you sneezed. "][/caption] We've all been to gatherings that turn into a youtube watching fest. You pull up

Vicarious US Travel: FREE Reading

Unless you're Wayne or Garth and you have a green screen in your new studio, then you have to rely on pop culture to take you