True Life: I Am A Reddit User

I consider myself an internet afficiando. I rely […]

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The Misogynist Pass: Artists For Whom We Turn A Blind Eye

Though I promised myself I wouldn't utter one more word about he who I cannot

Best of The Hairpin’s Fuck, Marry, Kill

I don't know if you guys have been “aware” of Julie Klausner and Natasha Vargas-Cooper's


Sometimes you'll look at a celebrity and know immediately what it's like to hang out with them. Brad Pitt, for example, is clearly smug and pretentious,

Assholes of Yesteryear: Hollywood Style!

John Mayer has certainly made a name for himself as the Asshole Du Jour (that's Asshole of the Day, for all you Dumb & Dumber fans) in the

The Idiocy of Drew Barrymore

It's possible that lately, Drew Barrymore has been saying really obnoxious and "controversial" things to promote her production company's projects.  But more than likely, she's

Legitimately Attractive Teen Idols

I don't know exactly exactly at what point the Western world decided that THIS counts as an attractive teen idol, but baaaack in myyyy daaaay, (pre-Hanson, most

5 Famous People Who Need to Disappear, Now

Nothing to me is grosser than TMZ, US Weekly or InTouch.  Not because I care about the privacy of supposed celebrities, but because every time you

What Your Girl’s Male Celebrity Crushes Say About Them

Since no Broke Ass male writer has taken up the offer from Robert Redford-sympathizing commenter Erica to write a dude version of this post from last week,

What Your Dude’s Female Celebrity Crushes Say About Them

This week, I'm arbitrarily judging your boyfriend and/or dude you're seeing, at no cost to you!  You're welcome! Megan Fox

Yes, yes,