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Cheap-As-Hell Wednesdays at the Golden Gate Tap Room: $3 Beer and Super Cheap Appetizers!

Every Wednesday will be Cheap-As-Hell Wednesday at the Golden Gate Tap Room! This means that there will be a featured $3 beer and a super cheap appetizer all day!

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BAS Pride 2013: SCOTUS; FREE Grub @ Pilsner Inn; Faetopia 2Wrrk Fey Fashion Show

As San Francisco’s gay holy week is coming into the final stretch, the city is holding its collective breath along with rest of the country as we wait

cafe prague

Czech out Cafe Prauge’s Block Party Tonight!

    Today seems like one of those Thirsty Thursdays. You know, when you're already looking forward to happy hour before you've even had your first cup

Mmm, beer.

Arguably The Only Beer You’ll Ever Need

[caption id="attachment_61281" align="alignleft" width="167"] Mmm, beer.[/caption]   Howdy, brokesters… apologies for the lack of TBC musings as of late. Happy new year and shit. If you follow me


Happy Hour at Sushi Time, Subterranean Haven

The belly of the beast

One of my favorite happy hours for sushi is brought to you by Sushi Time, secreted down in an anonymous


Broke-Ass Fun: Drinking Games

The other night I was hanging out with my 21-year-old intern that seriously brought me back to the good old days - when what you drank didn't matter,


Get on the Broke-Ass-Oregon-Trail

So last weekend I went to Oregon for the first time in my life. I know - lame, that I had never been there before and


Peter McManus Cafe, Classic for Reason

After much thought during a recent long drive so boring that counting deer carcasses became an actual game,  I have made an important realization that I


FREE BBQ & Dollar Beer at Connie O’s Backyard Bash

You know we're getting close to summer when the smell of hot chestnuts is replaced with the simmering smell of hot dogs and other street meat,

Happy National Beer Day

Is it a coincidence that both National Beer Drinking Day and National Pot Smoking Day fall in the same month? Have a