A Quick, Cheap, Dirty Chocolate + Raspberry Brownie Recipe

Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to […]

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Bob’s Donuts + Pastry: Good Vibrations at the Hole Peddler

It has been five-years since our super hunky co-editor, Stephen Torres, eloquently shared his no-doubt drunken experience at Bob's. Oh, and four-years since Christy wrote about Bob's. And


Indulge Your Inner Child with a FREE Tour of the TCHO Chocolate Factory

If TV is anything like real life, then you probably got sick the day your family, fifth grade class, or intrepid bunch of crime-fighting, mystery solving youths


Creative Christmas Dinner Ideas

Happy Christmas Eve, all! While a large percentage of the country is scurrying around to finish their Christmas shopping, Santa delivered a miracle


American Splendor in Pacific Puffs…

I've been known to fancy films that are dark. Dark humor, yes. But, also those that have a dark cast to their cinematography from the natural surroundings of


Cupkates: Key Lime Pie for Peasants…

I don't normally like cupcakes. At best, I think they're a great mobilizer of sugar into the system of greedy 5th graders during holiday parties with classmade, construction

Courtesy of Craftsman and Wolves

Craftsman and Wolves…

I remember living on Valencia St. when KFC was still on the block, junkies constantly shouted above the bell of the nearby church and Lost Weekend had half-off

DIY: Suck the Cost out of Extracts

Have you noticed that I love food? It should be an enormous part of anyone's life, and food acquisition is getting cheaper all the time. Here's

Tonight! Refuse the Truffle Shuffle

You're probably already sick of reading about Noise Pop, so let's talk instead about chocolate: currency, status symbol, and obesity propellent. But even milk chocolate has

FREE Fancy Pants Chocolate and Factory Tour

Alaskan Giant Chocolate Waterfall, only relevant because it's a picture of chocolate. When I was a kid I was pretty stoked on watching how they made chocolate in