How to Navigate Your Job’s Holiday Party Without Completely Embarrassing Yourself

I attended my office holiday party last week– […]

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What does a Broke-Ass Mom want for the Holidays?

This is actually a harder question than it may seem.  Something about giving birth to another human being makes you not need or want as


“Go the F**k to Sleep” FREE Reading and Book Signing

Do you have someone on your Christmas gift list who has just had a baby? Head down to the Tribeca Barnes & Noble and buy


SantaCon = Surreality

There's something about being surrounded by thousands of people dressed up like Santa Claus in Washington Square at 3 p.m. on a Saturday

spending Christmas Alone

Broke-Ass Guide to Being Alone on Christmas

  Spending Christmas alone is nothing to be ashamed of. Flights are expensive, maybe you don’t have the money to fly to see your family. Maybe


What Does a Broke-Ass Kid Want for the Holidays?

I thought I’d do a two-parter starting this week:  One part “What does a Broke-Ass kid want?” and one part “What does a Broke-Ass Mom


Join SF SantaCon this Saturday

It seems Christmas comes earlier every year. This Saturday, December 10th, hundreds, maybe even thousand of Santas will be taking over the streets of San Francisco for


Stunner of the Month: Rad New Sunglasses Each Month for just $9!

Awhile ago I joined Stunner of the Month, a monthly sunglasses subscription service that was started by four friends in their Cole Valley attic..


Broke-Ass Pop Culture: “Scrooged”

The holiday season is upon us... which means you can't swing a half eaten candy cane without poking a Salvation Army bell jangler (that's what


Keeping Your Broke-Ass Mom Girlish Figure

With the constant reminder of Thanksgiving and Christmas being right around the corner, I find myself wondering how to ward off the overeating of stuffing, sweet potatoes,