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New York: Inspiration City

On a complete whim I decided to attend […]

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Last Week to Check Out FREE “Paranormal Hallucinations” Exhibition in Williamsburg

Awesome art isn’t limited to the stuff you see in museums-- comic books, tattoos, and graffiti can have some serious artistic cred, too.  A survey of work


How to Be a Broke-Ass Patron of the Arts

Whenever I played the “If I won the lottery...” game, my second act in my newfound wealth, after buying a modern loft condo in both New York


Feed Your Inner Teenage Outcast, This Wednesday at McCarren Park


Weird girls rejoice!  If you were ever a high school outcast, liked to dye your hair crazy colors, or read comic books, chances are you’ve seen

"Pay What You Wish" Day at The Cartoon Art Museum

“Pay What You Wish” Day at The Cartoon Art Museum

The Cartoon Art Museum is one of the greatest museums in San Francisco.  Where else can you find your favorite comic books, graphic novels, animated characters and

Gotham City Lounge: What A Fucking Great Bar!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="photos by Nicki Ishmael image for link"][/caption] As the title of this post suggests, Gotham City Lounge is a fucking great

KingCon: A Brooklyn Comic and Animation Convention

Like Comics?  Like Animation?  Live in Brooklyn?  KingCon is where you need to be this weekend!   Today and Sunday, head down to Kings County

COMICS in Bryant Park, Cheap FILM FESTIVALS, and a HEALTH CARE PARTY this Week!

COMICS PANEL - Word for Word Series in Bryant Park Sometimes I want to avoid Midtown at all costs.  When it is hot, it seems hotter

Broke and (Ridin’) Nerdy: Comic Books on the Cheap

It's tough to be a nerd in 2009.   There's more broke to go around than there has been since the Joads went on a drought-precipitated journey.