$3 to make three hanging pom-poms, DIY-style.

DIY: Dollar-Store Decor

$3 to make three hanging pom-poms, DIY-style. I’m […]

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Twitter: ‘Tweet, Tweet’ or ‘Cheap, Cheap’?

What's worse than being broke? Being broke and lazy. Sure, you could walk three extra blocks to the slightly cheaper bodega or put in five minutes of Yelping


18 Signs to Never to Date Him Again

 In collaboration with our own Ashley Friedman - Cornerstore Correspondent

True, most everyone deserves a chance.But, that chance was given the second you

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DIY Beanie Upgrades

Logically, I know that it’s really not that cold in California. Heck, 44 degrees doesn’t even sound that cold – not when I’ve got friends in actually cold

ombre chair design sponge

DIY Ombre

One of the things that's been popping up on my radar lately is ombre. What started with pink and blue tipped hair on the heads of celebs

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DIY: Pendant Lamps

If, like me, you're living in a house that was built over a hundred years ago, chances are you also have some pretty dim built-in fixtures and

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DIY: Playing Card Crafts

There was a period in time when I carried a deck of playing cards with me, wherever I went, just looking for an opportunity to practice my

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DIY: Recipe Boxes

I'm fairly certain I've mentioned this before but, I can't cook. I'm crafty and resourceful and a damn good baker and all, but I am basically

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DIY: Calendars

So, here we are just days into 2012: a fresh year, a fresh month, a fresh start. What better way to start off the year than with a

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DIY: Wreaths

Christmas and the surrounding holidays are a tough time to be a broke-ass. There are parties, drinks, gifts, cookies and stockings and Secret Santas and White Elephants and