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DIY: Make Your Own Rad Candles

Candles have always seemed like a lame craft […]

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DIY: Tissue Box Crafts

As an allergy sufferer (who owns two very hairy cats), I go through a grip of tissue. I’ve got tissue boxes in pretty much every room of

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DIY Paint Dipped

Earlier this month, we talked about ombre, how it’s super neat and super easy because all it involves is dipping an object into shades of paint


DIY Paint By Numbers Projects

Among the many things from my childhood that I will inevitably someday foist upon my children (a list that currently includes cassette and video tapes, a Ramones

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DIY: Repurposed Pennies

[caption id="attachment_54111" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="Knock, knock, knock, Penny..."][/caption] Pennies, much like Rodney Dangerfield, can't get no respect. You can't even give those suckers away; panhandlers will look at

DIY Wine Curbly

DI-Wine Part Two: Stoppers and Storage

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I am not yet done talking about wine, or wine-related crafts. In fact, one of the many items on my Geez-I-Wish-I-Had-Enough-Time-To-Do List is to start

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DI-Wine: Tags and Bags

Several years ago, a roommate and I were making a Trader Joe’s run when the cashier looked at the conveyer belt (which held many, many bottles of

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DIY: Coasters

Much like bookmarks and ashtrays, coasters are the kind of crafts you make when you’ve screwed up your intended craft project, are six years old, or are

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DIY: Mason Jar Crafts

One of the essential things to have in your craft arsenal – in addition to an X-acto knife, duct tape, packing tape, – is a mason

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DIY: Ticket Stub Crafts

[caption id="attachment_52770" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="Every ticket has a story, story..."][/caption] It was bound to happen eventually. After all my ideas, inspiration, Google searches and suggestions, I find myself