Yes, that bill DOES say $881.00. Top o' the mornin', credit card application!

Healthcare Tips for the Broke-Ass Masses

Being a New Yorker is a little tough, […]

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One City One Book SF: Mary Roach in Conversation with Adam Savage

Free Drinks, Music and 20% off at Brooklyn Industries TONIGHT!


You're either into free music, free drinks, free music, and a 20% off discount at one of the coolest stores around or you're not.  If


There’s no P in our Ool… but there’s Poop

Not to brag or anything, but I have some wonderful friends. And one of these wonderful friends just had a birthday and rented suite at

March Wellness Week: March 21-27

As someone who will go to the shadiest nail places in town just to get a good discount, I'm not exactly a spa savvy person. It's hard to

The Deal-iest Deal Book of All: 2011 NYC Big Deal Book

Here at BrokeAssStuart, we've made it our spiritual quest to save you money. Whether it's cheap burritos or free concerts, we've pretty much cornered the

Ask and You Might Receive

After no more than fifteen minutes on the phone with the evil asshole that is Comcast,

“Visitors” Discounts at Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s

Usually, pretending to be a tourist in NYC is only good for a killer Halloween costume or trying to get a pass for something stupid you've

Getting Philanthropy to Pay Off (Finally)

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="326" caption="If I help the elderly cross the street, I'll get a free burrito, right? Is that how this works?"][/caption] By definition, being charitable and philanthropic

Creativity and Crunkness Collide with FREE Wine at Little Shop of Crafts

After brunch one day last spring, I took a sunny stroll along Amsterdam Ave. on the Upper West Side. A brightly colored shop immediately caught my