Dive Bars

boat bar arts and crafts

Sunday Arts and Crafts at Boat Bar

So after visiting the Brooklyn Tabernacle for the […]

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YOU PUKE YOU CLEAN at Double Down Saloon

Here's an old punk bar with the kinda rules I appreciate: YOU PUKE, YOU CLEAN. Now wouldn't the world be a better place


Mona’s: FREE Wild Jazz Tuesdays and Cheap Booze

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ladies and gentlemen! Step right up, step right up! What we got here is somethin' ya can't get anywhere else! What is


Burgers, Beers and Bears at Julius

 This is the oldest gay bar in the city, and by far one of my favorite places to go in the afternoons to get away

Blue & Gold Tavern

Blue and Gold, You Dirty Hipster!

People either love or hate this dive, but who could blame them? Known for bitchy bartenders, crowds of college kids, and disgusting bathrooms, there’s a

Blarney Store

Blarney Stone: Keep the Drinks a-Comin’

As I stare at this blank screen and think about what I should write on the Blarney Stone, I seem to be at a


The Boiler Room: My Nymphet Equivalent

Boiler Room, disco ball of my night, fire of my liver. My Sin, my soul. Boi-ler Rooooom: the way the lips slightly


Don’t Forget to Remember the International Bar

I don’t remember the first time I went to the International Bar, and if you’re willing to spend $20 there I doubt you


The Lone Wolf Refuge

Bushwick is a fast growing neighborhood in the all the right ways for many of you young college kids, broke-ass artists and mentally unstable kooks, who


540 Club: The Quintessential Dive

Much has been written about 540 Club, and for good reason.  As stated above, it is, in my opinion, the quintessential dive bar.  If