The 2014 SF Midwinter Bar Workers Ball- 10 Years United In Nightlife

Ten years ago, when I was just a […]

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¡Viva México!- Fiestas Patrias en San Francisco


It’s been about 166 years since Californios marked today as Independence Day, but today the juggernaut of pyrotechnics, tri-coloured faces, epic spreads and booze, booze,


Sunday Dinner- Coffee and Sinkers

  A seventh day installment on where to get free/cheap church-going grub.  Growing up Roman Catholic, nothing makes Sunday morning more criminal than fasting. From the day of your

Not the Tired Chinese Lunch Plate and Cheapie Dim Sum in Bernal- The Jasmine Tea House

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Extra points for the neon."][/caption] In San Francisco, one takes it for granted that good and genuine Chinese food is to be found if one

Blue Collar Chit Chat and Chickies – Dining on a Dime at the Chicken-N-Coop

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Early bird gets the worm."][/caption] When it comes to cheap grub, nothing beats the San Francisco tradition of the hofbrau.  Whether the food is palatable

Wallet-friendly Advice From Your Friendly El Rio Bartender

As a general rule, I feel odd writing about events going on at my place of employment.  One because its redundant and two..well, best leave