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24 Jan 2011

More Sexy Oyster Opportunities at Bar Crudo’s Happy Hour

With Valentine’s day coming up, we really want to give you as many opportunities as possible to dine on some aphrodisiacs. So if you can’t make it down to the Embarcadero for $1 Oysters at Waterbar, we might suggest a more homely neighborhood location for shellfish: Bar Crudo on Divisadero

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05 Oct 2010

Last Minute Love: The Haighteration Happy Hour at Mad Dog in the Fog

Haighteration, the only blog you need for news from the gunshots-and-cheap-beer side of the Haight (as opposed to the Sit/Lie and microbrews side of the Haight) is throwing their first official Haighteration Happy Hour tonight at Mad Dog in the Fog starting at 5pm. Our friend Andrew (not me) who

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04 Jun 2010

Niagara Happy Hour

So it’s a beautiful sunny day in New York for sitting in parks and walking the streets. But it’s also kind of a beautiful day to sit inside of a bar with giant windows so the sun can beam down on you while you enjoy a pint. If you’re not

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50% off New Glasses + Free Shipping!

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13 Nov 2009

M Shanghai Bistro is Majorly Tasty

My stomach has always been a pissy little bitch, and it keeps getting more intolerant as I get older. I can’t eat cake for breakfast like I could when I was 19. The magical combination of grease and salt in bad Chinese food makes me feel like I’m growing a

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