Watch the NYPD Beat a Child Worse than Adrian Peterson

Watch the video below. This video showed up […]

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How to Be a Dancing Queen on a Budget

The answer to this question is easy:  smear on massive amounts of lipstick, back-comb your wig into voluminous perfection, climb up onto a


Win Tickets to Sisterz of the Underground, A Night of All Female Hip-Hop Performances including Kid Sister

So I'm pretty much just copying and pasting the press release into this post right now. I feel like a total dipshit doing this but


Will Hermes – “Love Goes to Buildings on Fire” Panel

Major cultural shifts are not always easy to recognize, particularly when it comes to music. This is likely because there's a natural evolution to music


Dance It Out at Toca Tuesdays at Sutra

I'm always looking for ways to work out some energy by hitting the dance floor without paying the price of my first-born child for a

Guest Writer The Honest Tease with “Pumps & a Bump”

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="250" caption="Werq. "][/caption] I thought today I'd give a writer who deserves a serious following a little bit of room on this here blog. The Honest

BUA’s First NYC Art Show!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="357" caption="How many times did you get stoned in college? Now how many times did the person who's room you got stoned in have

FREE HIP HOP: Crotona Park Jams

It came from the Bronx and tonight it goes back! NYC Council member Joel Rivera and Tools of War in Association w/ Rane and Serato present 2009 Crotona

Pull Out a Chair for Her, Turn on the Air for Her

Last week on a drizzly Wednesday afternoon Anna G. and I dropped by the vegetarian cafe down the street from our office.  As we were entering somebody brushed

Open Bar, Live Music, and Hip-Hop Photography…um, Yes Please.

For those that made it to the recent Fuck the Recession Party or the release party for my SF book, you'll remember the inimitable Richie Cunning.  He blows