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Broke-Ass Artist of the Week – Smax Music proudly presents the Broke-Ass Artists series where […]

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10 Unstoppable Steps to Crowd Funding Success!

How many of us have had brilliant "aha moments" or inhaled inspiration, yet nothing ever comes of it because of lack of cash? What if you were given


The Litography Project: a Super Rad Interactive Literary Map of San Francisco

From Mark Twain to Jack London to Jack Kerouac to Michelle Tea, San Francisco has always been a wondrous literary city.  Maybe it's The City's


2nd Annual New York Funny Songs Festival Takeover

The 2nd Annual New York Funny Songs Festival will be emitting hilarity throughout various venues across New York City this weekend including Santo’s Party House,


The 2nd Annual New York Funny Songs Festival Needs Your Help

You read the title. Now, you might be asking yourself: What is the NY Funny Songs Festival and why does it need my help? Great questions! This unique

Broke-Ass Band Interview: Sonya Cotton

We often interview people who consider themselves broke. We also interview a lot of bands. This is because most bands are broke. Today's Broke-Ass Band Interview is

Pie in the Park this Sunday

What's better than hanging out in Prospect Park on a beautiful summer day, playing some croquet and literally shoving pie in your pie hole? Unless you're

Help Little City Gardens Today!!!

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="450" caption=" "][/caption] I have always encouraged you to plant yourself a garden, get seasonal starters at plant exchanges, learn how to