The 2nd Annual New York Funny Songs Festival Needs Your Help

You read the title. Now, you might be […]

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The Essential Weekend CMJ FREE Party List: Criterion Selection

If you’re not going to these parties, you might as well board the next slow bus to Cincinnati. I don’t care how infuriatingly sexy all of it

Dish And The Spoon

Rooftop Films Presents: The Dish and the Spoon Premiere

Now that the weather is more flip-flop friendly, that can only mean one thing...lots of outdoor movies! Kicking off their summer schedule, Rooftop Films will be premiering a

An Old Fashioned Oasis at the Bowery Hotel

Inspired by my fellow broke-ass Ashley's post on "How to Feel Rich" in New York,  I recently took a friend visiting from out of town to the

Exercise Your Imagination at this Year’s Air Sex World Championships

Of all the extremely compelling things about the east coast regionals of this year's Air Sex World Championships, few are more humorous than the subtle irony in

Higher Learning at Happy Endings

Most people have the same reaction when the hear the words, live theater, improv, performance art, and readings. There are hundreds of these types of events

Rubulad: The Burning Man of Brooklyn

Whenever you're having one of those, I'm sick of New York days, the parties are all the same, just go to Rubulad and you'll feel like

(Pretty) Girls and Technological Activism

(Pretty) Girls and Lasers, the electro duo everyone seems to be whispering about, is moving their monthly party to Happy Ending, and the LES

End Poverty and be Unstandard

The End of Poverty? Documentary Preview Nelson Mandela said, “Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man made and it can

Apple Picking and Brooklyn Hippies

Being that it's fall and all, I've been itching to embrace all sorts of Autumn-y activities. I've drank every variety of Pumpkin beer, watched numerous B-horror movies and