Girl Shopping for Makeup

Faking It: Looking Rich When You’re Not

I have a past of being continuously screwed […]

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Cheap Beauty Tip of the Week: Take Care of Your Makeup Brushes

If you are someone who works with makeup on a daily basis, whether you’re a makeup artist or someone who wears it everyday, you recognize the


Cheap Beauty Tip of the Week: Three Reasons Why Beauty Schools are a Bargain

There’s something really amazing about having your hair done professionally. The right cut and color can be an instant mood lifter and give an otherwise negative attitude a


Cheap Beauty Tip: Try Before You Buy

How many times have you bought a skin care or makeup product only to find that you’ve used it once or twice? Now, it’s just been sitting in

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DIY: Day of the Dead

One of the (many) reasons Halloween is the best holiday ever is that the fun continues into the Day of the Dead. Celebrated across two days, November 1


Cheap Beauty Tip of the Week: Bangin Beauty Bargain Programs

Being beautiful comes with a price. Not all of us are blessed with the “I look beautiful naturally” genes. Most of us (myself included) seek help

Spring Makeovers for All!

Spring is here, y'all! And aside from cleaning, nothing says "spring" like a *drum roll* makeover! However, not all of us can afford new contacts, a professional dye

Meet The Living Cartoon Who Created Hello Kitty for FREE

Indispensible Technological Improvements Well, isn't this something. Here I was always under the impression that Hello Kitty just sort of, like, happened. Like one day we all went to

Worst Makeup for Making Out

D'ya ever notice the irony of sometimes when you paint yourself all up to go on a

Annoying Fashion People

One of the most annoying things about the world is all of these Other People who are in it!  It was either Jean-Paul Sartre or Archie