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Broke-Ass Art Experiments FREE this Thursday (9/27)

This Thursday (that’s tomorrow, in case you were […]

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Get Some Space at reBar in DUMBO


reBar is nestled on Front St. in DUMBO, and it may seem like a trek to ge there if you  don’t live or work


Just Don’t be a Cheap-Ass!

This site is dedicated to broke-asses. Yes, broke-asses. This is strictly not to be confused with cheap-asses. The word and conditions may be

MJ Choreography

Beat It: Learn Michael Jackson Choreography for FREE!

It's been my lifelong dream to be in a Michael Jackson video. Ergo, my life was pretty much over in late June 2009. However, here's a

Michael Jackson, FREE Drinks, Face Painting and a Photo Booth at Trigger

This sounds like one hell of an event.  In honor of Michael Jackson's birthday (which was yesterday I think) the weekly Monday party, Testarossa is throwing

The Future of 3-D

This country loves a good gimmick. And that's what 3D technology feels like to me. Tech trends come and go, but rarely does a fad of the past

Owl Tree — FREE Food During Weekday Happy Hour!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="240" caption="Head here to binge on FREE snacks after work!"][/caption] I don't hang out in the Union Square area often.  It's too loud and schizo for

Dude Style: Men of the Oscars

The spectacle of the Oscars is just as much about what people wore, as it was about who actually won. Everyone has their best and worst

Broke Ass Porn: Free Documentaries

Let's face it, if you're broke one of the first things to go is entertainment and I'm willing to bet that a lot of New York

MJ Day, Party with Tables, and The Really Really FREE Market


Well the coroner's report is out, words like “homicide” and "acute benzodiazepine effect” have been thrown around on