Paul T Alkaly


The Awesomeness Palace Fried Chicken in Greenpoint

The love story of a boy, some cheese fries and an Afghani man named Abdul…well more or less.

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The Corner Bistro – Cheap Beer and Burgers

When I first discovered this place, I told Paul about how I found this amazing little gem of a dive bar in

Brooklyn Birthday

The Famed Polish Hot Loaf from Warsaw Bakery

Ah yes, the Polish Hot Loaf. This illusive Greenpoint special can only be gotten from roughly 10pm-2am, and requires patience and adherence to the rules.


An Ode to The Port Authority Bus Terminal

Bus terminals in any city are always special places. They are crossroads for all the grifters, drifters, deviants, dead beats and drug addled zombies who circulate


Dave’s Tavern

The single most impressive thing about Dave's Tavern is that every night one of the regulars gets 86'd.  It must have been me and

Broke-Ass of the Week – Jesse Thorn from The Sound of Young America