Our Peculiar Institution: Why Urban Dog Ownership is a Twisted Practice

When I come home from whatever it is […]

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Rescue Row: The Officially Official Pet Rescue City Block in San Francisco

I grew up in a house with three indoor cats (two rescued ferals + one neighbor abandoned) and two outdoor ferals. Eventually we also rescued


Shallow Reasons I’m Single

The only time I feel compelled to date these days is when other people encourage me to get out of my personal bubble. So, I

only child

Woes of an Only Child

I'm a big believer there is a lot to be said about personality types and birth order.  If you're the rare breed that is "The


Free Pet Ideas

A while back I wrote a little post on two then-promising pets I had just purchased who I was sure were going to not only brighten

Photo courtesy of Benson Kua on Flickr

Your New, Replaceable Best Friends: Fishy, and Three Bucks

. Summer’s wrapping up. Pretty soon the call to begin hibernation will sound, and I, for one, plan on rewatching all my library movies and switching over to

FREE Brooklyn Mutt Show This Weekend

It's time to praise the nappy little barksters of Brooklyn and reward them for their oddball ways at the 2nd annual Brooklyn Mutt Show.

Cheap Friends in the Big City: The Pluses of Pet Rats

Ever walk around your city, looking up at apartment buildings with all those lives piled one on top of the other and wonder, “How

Getting Over the Loss of a Pet

There's no one right way to grieve, obviously, since everyone expresses sadness differently. But getting over the loss of a pet is made more complicated

Broke-Ass Guide to Owning Pets

Whether you consider yourself a cat person or a dog person, chances are you've considered becoming a proud pet owner at one time or another.