singulariteen poster

“Singulariteen” Premiers Saturday, September 7th at the EXIT Theater

This weekend , get a chance to “spend […]

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Win A Pair of Tix to OMFG! The Internet Dating Musical at ODC

We all have bad dating experiences -- but some of them are made even worse by the fact that they're INTERNET dating experiences.  I have so

Much Ado About Lebowski

Everybody loves The Dude. But what about a Shakespearian version of The Dude? This weekend marks your last chance to see The Dude as The Knave in

FREE Lunchtime Viewing of “The Comedy of Errors”

If you're like me, you had to read the complete works of William Shakespeare under the tutelage of an ancient, aviator glasses-wearing,

Catch “Litter” This Weekend For $5 At Zeum Theater

DRAMA! Children, children everywhere.  The earth may be buckling like the merry widow on an over-enthusiastic auntie post-holiday gorge, but you wouldn’t know it by the way them babies

Once In A Lifetime – Survivors of The Atomic Bombs

Before recently, I was not aware that there are living survivors of the atomic bombs attacks

Win Tickets to “The Irish Curse”

It's like a ticket giveaway party over here at BAS HQ!  Today I'm giving away a pair of tix to a new off Broadway play called