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The Best Cheap Things to Do in NYC for New Year’s Eve!

Free Shit First-Ever Coney Island Ball Drop Avoid […]

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Macy’s FREE Fishing Clinics at Prospect Park

Fishing. There's something most New Yorkers might not know how to do. Although this is mainly an event for children, I think adults unfamiliar with the art


Admire the Fall Foliage at Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s FREE Tuesdays

Experiencing all four seasons has to be both the worst and best part of being a Californian in NYC.  Winter snow is pretty for about


Broke-Ass Porn: Park Days

Once a week we present Broke-Ass Porn.  It's visually stimulating material for the financially impaired.  If this shit doesn't get you going, you're not as broke as you

Pie in the Park this Sunday

What's better than hanging out in Prospect Park on a beautiful summer day, playing some croquet and literally shoving pie in your pie hole? Unless you're

Alternate Plans: The National Tonight in Prospect Park

So tonight's Celebrate Brooklyn concert featuring The National has been sold out for months,  as every ticket was immediately seized by bearded

FREE Norah Jones Concert in Prospect Park

Last night, my friend saw a "Free Norah Jones" headline and thought, "What did Norah Jones do? Why does she need to get freed?" Then she

Ice Skate at Prospect Park for FREE

A while ago, Christine suggested ice skating at Bryant Park as a cheap date activity, and I completely agree. Date or not, strapping

MJ Day, Party with Tables, and The Really Really FREE Market


Well the coroner's report is out, words like “homicide” and "acute benzodiazepine effect” have been thrown around on

FREE Music and Parties! CHIN CHIN, GUMBO, and the BEATARDS

It's hot, stagnant, and sticky here in Brooklyn.  There's no use beating it, so why not just indulge?  Get in the mood for some