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luggage store wall
09 Dec 2016

Interview w/ Community Arts Stabilization Trust Director Moy Eng

Looking for answers to the affordable housing crisis we spoke to an expert on preserving safe, legal, and permanent spaces for artists. C.A.S.T is the nonprofit that preserved SF Luggage Store Gallery and got the creative incubator known as CounterPulse a permanent spot.

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08 Dec 2016

The Dirtbag Motorcycle Challenge in Hunters Point

The 2016 Dirtbag Challenge ended in a San Francisco street party with bikers, bands, burnouts, beer, and even a little bbq. On a normally quiet, industrial road in Hunters Point they gathered to celebrate the return of the 2016 competitors

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Aaaand here they are again. From left to right: Mez, Chris, and Deanna.
07 Dec 2016

Artists you should know: Chris, Deanna and Mez of Tattoo Bogaloo

The reason why the sitcom Cheers became so popular was not, contrary to popular belief, Frasier’s sexy, sexy, sexy voice, but rather because it provided audiences with a fictional place where they could feel at home. This is one of the things that makes or breaks a business, and it’s

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28 Nov 2016

Farewell Tour: Sam’s Burgers, Swan Oyster Depot & Zuni’s Chicken

San Francisco belongs to no one and everyone. There have been thousands of would-be claimants but she eventually wriggles out of every one of their grasps.

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ChorŽgraphie : Ousmane SY - 
Avec : Emilie BATAILLE, Audrey BATCHILY, AllaunŽ BLEGBO, Sarah BOUCHRITA, Mariam FOFANA, Diana IGBOKWE, Sarah NAIT HAMOUD, Linda HAYFORD, Aurle MBANI, Odile LACIDES, StŽphanie PARUTA, Luxisle SIEWE, Atoesa ZARE - 
Au son : DJ Sam One - 
CrŽation lumire : Steve GUENIN - 
Dans le cadre de la soirŽe Golden Stage du Villeette Street Festival - 
Le 9 mai 2015 - 
Photo : Beno”te FANTON
18 Nov 2016

Hip Hop Dance Fest in San Francisco Was Incredible

Dance crews from all over the world came with breath taking skills and blew the crowd away.  The dance performances were so well thought out and executed that they told clear, touching, stories.  They also get you incredibly fired up, the 18th annual SF Int. Hip Hop Dancefest is a place you may find yourself hoarse

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17 Nov 2016

MultiKulti Closing in the Mission

Tragedy on Valencia Street, just another victim of rising rent prices in San Francisco.  Mulitkulti, the store I have been getting my $6 dollar sunglasses and Burning Man accoutrement from for the last 10 years is closing. The owner Reda Darwish who is almost always found with a friendly, calm, smile behind the counter

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17 Nov 2016

Beyond Performance Art: Marina Abramović

It was intense. I needed some water. I needed to get some air. I stood up and went outside, but the bubble of awareness was still around me. The world was different.

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