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23 Sep 2016

Why Dogs Are Better Than People, and of Course Cats Too

Why do “dog people” seem so frick’in happy all the time? Dog owners always seem to hanging out chatting and smiling at each other in the park, with while cat people are home alone listening to folk music. Not even touching warm bundles of poop can bring dog lovers them down. Social

Heather Robinson - Artisanal Trouble Maker 0
16 May 2011

Let’s Talk Particle Physics!

I exist in the realm of unicorns and rainbows. I like a glass of wine, a spinning record, and a fanciful retelling of an unfortunate seduction. Personally, I can’t imagine anything more boring than something called “particle physics.” But even if you are like me, you might enjoy tonight’s talk,

Sarah M. Smart - Red-Light Special 0
13 Feb 2011

Lupercalia: The Better VD

Valentine’s Day is lame, right? Or it’s awesome, if you’re coupled up, a fan of chocolate, and/or not a strong feminist. But why settle for ignoring, protesting, or even participating in this church-sanctioned holiday for lovers? Lucky for you, an ancient Roman fertility festival takes place February 13-15 every year

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22 Jan 2011

FREE Cal Science & Engineering Festival

Calling all Science Nerds! This Sunday, January 23rd, the first-ever Cal Science and Engineering Festival will commence, bringing the geeky wet dreams of smart kids across the globe to life! The sexy activities will allow you to: Put solar power to the test, get hands-on with ancient fossils, discover the

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03 Jan 2011

What’s Your Dating Attachment Style?

In their latest book, Attached, scientists Amir Levine and Rachel Heller have come up with something called the Attachment Theory. According to them, there are three categories that describe people’s behavior within romantic relationships: *ANXIOUS people are often preoccupied with their relationships and tend to worry about their partner’s ability

Anna G - Caliburg Contributor 1
14 Aug 2010

Science is Fun – Free Tour of the Bay Model

If you’re not going to Outside Lands, feel like getting out of the city for a spell, and love science, then head over to Saucy-lito this Sunday! The Bay Model Visitor Center is giving a FREE guided tour, and let me tell you what, you won’t want to miss this!

Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner 2
18 May 2010

Gross Science: Louis Sorkin and Gene Kaplan at the “Geeking Out” Lecture Series

I consider myself a pseudo-scientist.  I watch a lot of science shows on TV.  Once upon a time I got a ‘˜five’ on my Biology Advanced Placement test.  I even got a scholarship in biology for college.  Alas, I was making more jokes in lab than getting experiments done and

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