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Cheap Beauty Tip of the Week: DIY Face Masks

Five-star spa facials are amazing. They’re also quite […]

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Cheap Beauty Tip: Try Before You Buy

How many times have you bought a skin care or makeup product only to find that you’ve used it once or twice? Now, it’s just been sitting in


Cheap Beauty Tip of the Week: 5 Ways to Score a Cheaper Skin Care Service

Let’s face it. Times are tough. Not a lot of people these days have the extra money to splurge on a facial or a bikini wax. You shouldn’t


Malcolm Shabazz Harlem Market

There are lots of cheap beauty, fashion, and art finds to be discovered at the African Market on 116th St. between Malcolm X Blvd. and


Cheap Beauty Tip of the Week: Wash Your Face

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that in order to have clear skin, you have to have clean skin. Clean skin doesn’t necessarily mean using


Cheap Beauty Tip of the Week: Bangin Beauty Bargain Programs

Being beautiful comes with a price. Not all of us are blessed with the “I look beautiful naturally” genes. Most of us (myself included) seek help


Cheap Beauty Tip of the Week: Cheap Sunburn Relief

What could possibly be more 4th of July than a three-day weekend full of hot dogs and fireworks? How about the infamous, nasty sunburn? Sometimes no matter how


Cheap Beauty Tip of the Week: Drink Water

Drinking water does a lot of awesome things for your body. Water prevents our bodies from getting dehydrated. Water can reduce the pain a hangover can


Cheap Beauty Tip of the Week: Wear Sunscreen

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Wearing sunscreen is the cheapest way to fight off aging skin. Wearing sunscreen on a daily


Get a Full Service Spa Facial for Half the Spa Price

Only fancy people with fancy money got things like facials and massages. It wasn’t until I attended beauty school and got my