Binge Watching: My Experience with a Consuming Addiction

What initially appeared to be a happy coincidence, […]

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Witness Moving Images Through Astoria’s Museum of the Moving Image

I have been doing my best to explore my new home and decided to expand my horizons and give Astoria a try. I was headed to the


Saved By the Bell: 40 Hours of Your Life You’ll Never Get Back

 Hey, did anyone really care about the guy that ran The Max?
  If you are 35 and under, Saved By the Bell has played


What The Golden Globe Awards Taught Me

I attended a Golden Globes viewing party on Sunday night. The attendees had varying levels of investment, and some were content to chatter away over the awards


Being a Broke-Ass is Like Being on a Mid-90s Soap Opera

Legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland once said, “We all need a splash of bad taste; no taste is what I’m against.” I wholeheartedly agree with


Top 5 Netflix Shows You’re Not Watching

During my stint as an unemployed person, I, perhaps stupidly, signed up for Netflix after years of holding out. I was an old-school Netflix user, back

Much Ado About Manswers

Spike TV  is sort of like the old leftovers in your fridge. You forget it's in there until it reminds you of its presence in the

Shows You Should Be Watching: The Inbetweeners

After watching American television for so many years, I sometimes forget how sterile it is. Sure we've got vampire sex on True Blood, 1001 new ways to rape

Memorial Day Drama

Sometimes I am too poor to see a play on Broadway.  Sometimes I am too poor to see

Let’s All Nerd Out and Watch TV!

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="360" caption="Why does this promo photo look like it should be for an action movie?"][/caption] It struck me last night, after a brief hiatus from TV-watching