Bob’s Donuts + Pastry: Good Vibrations at the Hole Peddler

It has been five-years since our super hunky […]

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Ryoko’s Latenight Tendernob Sushi

              Ryoko's     If you like eating raw fish below street level, two options come to mind.  The first: Sushi Time, a tiny shoe box crammed into the corner of

Nine Pint Sized Plays for FREE!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="$28 for a beer!?! That shit better come with a "will get you laid" guarantee "][/caption] As we've seen over the past few

FREE Happy Hour Comedy Show Tonight

It's the second Monday of the month again which means that it's time for the Monday Happy Hour Comedy Show at Cafe Royale.  Cafe

Euripedes’s “Cyclops”: The Oldest Play About Drinking

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="You think the ancient Greeks used to bag on him about his name?"][/caption] I remember first hearing the name Euripedes in 6th grade when we

Whisper Sweet Nothings at the Sugar Cafe

My friend took me to what she called "a faggy little spot" in the Tendernob this past weekend with promises of a sturdy breakfast. She definitely didn't let

FREE Happy Hour Stand-up Today

Watching someone do stand-up can either be really funny or uncomfortably awkward.  And in some cases it can be both.  While I don't know anything about the 10