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The Mission Position: A New Weekly Comedy Show Every Thursday at Lost Weekend Video

Do you hate laughing? I didn’t think so. […]

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Commune SF Featuring Twin Steps, The Tambo Rays & More This Weds!

Who likes FREE live music? You do! That's who! Since that's the case, here's the details about a rad FREE show for you all:
Commune's next


Whiz Burger – Where You Go for WAY More Than a Burger

Whiz Burger

The above photo is my ham-fisted attempt to juxtapose two distinct types of iconography: one surrounding retro burger joints and the other, Catholic churches. 


Dona Tere’s Market in The Mission: Humble and Delicious

Dona Tere's Market

Dona Tere's Market has existed on the northeast corner of 21st and Florida for a little over a decade, a respectable age


Burmese Food at Yamo: Don’t Dillydally


What is it about Burmese food and long waits? Burma Superstar in the Inner Richmond is legendary for the starving throngs that gather like cicadas


The Adobe Market Place Party is This Saturday!

Remember all that crazy shit that went down with Adobe Books? Well they've moved and are having a party to prove it. I'm really cracked


Velvet Cantina is Decadent and Depraved

                Velvet Cantina   Its title and appearance conjures Barbary Coast-era decadence.  The Velvet Cantina is only about seven years old, but it feels thoroughly dyed-in-the-wool, a seemingly eternal fixture on


24th Street Series: Pig and Pie

Pig & Pie 

Last week I wrote up La Palma as being a paragon of a Mission District 24th Street that is fast being drowned


24th Street Series: La Palma Mexicatessen

              La Palma Mexicatessen     There isn't a neighborhood of any city in our union that is completely static, no urban zone where the prevailing skin tone will forever be reminiscent


BA of the Week: Professional House Bitch Elliot James Byrnes

Every week we feature a different person from the community shedding a little light on their life of brokeitude. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something about the human