12 Sep 2017

Porn Site Gets Thousands Of New Followers Thanks To Ted Cruz Screw-Up

  The late-night porn-jacking habits of anti-pornography GOP senator Ted Cruz have entered the national conversation, as the pompous “family values” bullshit-spewing rube clicked ‘Like’ on a pornographic tweet and breathed beautiful life into late-night Twitter like it was “covfefe” all over again. He also breathed life into the pornographic Twitter

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21 Apr 2010

Tweet to win FREE tickets to ‘Orpheus & The Plastic Masquerade’

If your other half is anything like mine, he or she hates contests like this. Because if you win, it means they’ll have to turn off “Operation Repo,” spray some Febreze on a button-down, and watch people dance around on a stage while resisting the urge to stuff dollar bills

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