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17 Nov 2014

6 Things That Would Happen on the Modern Day Re-Boot of Friends

Yes, broke asses, your childhood is becoming more and more of a distant memory. A new television season is in full swing. It is fall season right now, and as we celebrate new and returning shows, like Gotham—and all of its intimidating posters splattered across all of Manhattan—Friends became 20 years old.

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21 Oct 2014

How to Buy Drugs in NYC WITHOUT a Connection

I recently attended the BAS party at Dardy’s Bar in Brooklyn. While there I attempted, unsuccessfully, to buy weed. Certain attendees were generous enough to share what they had, but due to the distinct communist leanings of the BAS community, none had extra for sale. I decided not to go

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01 May 2012

21 Bar: A Broke-Ass Guy’s Dream

Are you a broke-ass? Are you a guy? Do you love women dancing around in bikinis? If you answered “yes” to all three questions, then you have to– no– you must visit 21 Bar in Washington Heights. I remember being 21 years-old and being denied entrance into this place. I

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06 Dec 2011

Mission Impossible: Catch A Cab On A Saturday Night In NYC

It’s early Sunday morning, you’ve had a lot to drink and you’re ready to go home. The train might not show up for another hour or so and you’re slowly dozing off on the subway platform. You tell yourself, “screw this, I’m going to catch a cab.” Well…good luck there,

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29 Nov 2011

Peter Woytuk on Broadway Art Exhibit for FREE

If you’ve happened to be around the Upper West Side, Harlem or Washington Heights in the past month or so, you may have come across some obscurely placed animal sculptures on Broadway. Presented to you by the Broadway Mall Association and the Morrison Gallery of Connecticut, is Peter Woytuk on

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18 Oct 2011

Reynold’s Cafe

If you were born and raised in a neighborhood, it would make sense that you would know the neighborhood you grew up in like the back of your hand. That sometimes doesn’t always turn out to be the case. You have places like bars, lounges or adult stores that aren’t

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30 Sep 2011

FREE Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park this Sunday

Ever wanted to sit with King Arthur at the round-table? Did you ever want to fight in the Crusades? Ever wonder if you could survive the Black Death plague? Well keeping hoping and wondering but if you want to know what it was like to live during the Middle Ages

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